Guyanese man who allegedly murdered teen daughter, friend arrested in New York

ABC News photo
Photo: ABC 8 News 

A Guyanese man is now in the Police custody in New York after he is suspected of shooting and killing his 18-year-old daughter and her friend in the Henrico County.

Thirty-nine-year-old, Abdool Zaman who migrated to the United States several years ago and currently residing in Orlando, Florida, reportedly killed the duo, Vanessa Zaman and Leona Samlall as they were walking near the Oakmeade Apartments on Airport Drive and East Nine Mile Road in Highland Springs just after midday last Thursday, one block from where they lived.

Vanessa Zaman (CBS6 News photo)

Reports indicate that Zaman had reportedly been staying with Samlall’s family when the killings occurred. It is also believed that Samlall’s father is the brother of Zaman.

Samall had also been reportedly missing and listed on the Henrico County’s missing list since 2016 when she withdrew from the Highland Spring School reportedly escaping a rocky relationship.

Leona Samlall (CBS6 News photo)

A motive for the killings is yet to be determined; however, Zaman is expected to be charged with two counts of second-degree murder shortly.

In the meanwhile, Vanessa Zaman’s mother, Saveeta Barnes took to her Instagram account to share her sorrow over her dauther’s demise.

“The loss of a child is like losing your inner soul,” Barnes posted on Instagram. “My daughter was my life and nothing will ever be the same. Always in my heart my baby girl…My heart is torn into a million pieces, I cannot bring myself to accept the reality of losing my love, my child, my firstborn, my everything. I wish I could rewind time my baby, I will see you soon. Mommy loves you to infinity and beyond my “lilo,” my lovee. Rest in peace my love, rest in peace” Barnes wrote.



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