Guyanese man found dead in garbage bag in New York

Dead: Quynton Ross
Dead: Quynton Ross
Dead: Quynton Ross

[] – Thirty – two – year old Quynton Ross was found dead and his body stuffed in a trash bag on a Far Rockaway Beach in Queen’s  New York on Monday, March 24.

It is reported that he died from a shot to the torso, the medical examiner ruled on Tuesday.

Ross, a Guyanese was last seen alive at 8 a.m. on Sunday, cops said. His mother pinged his phone that night and went to the boardwalk to look for him. She didn’t find anything but returned in the morning to discover a bag containing bloody clothes, according to police.

She called cops around 9:50 a.m., and they found a second garbage bag with a body inside at Beach 40th St. between Edgemere Ave. and the boardwalk.

He was stuffed into a trash bag that was hidden in a patch of weeds midway between the water and the boardwalk at Beach 40th Street, cops said.

The crime scene.
The crime scene.

Ross’ aunt, with whom he’s been living recently, said her mother “saw these men chasing him” before he disappeared.

“People have been calling for Quynton asking about a car or getting some money, but I tell them he doesn’t live here,” Stachia Jacobs of Far Rockaway said near the crime scene.

“Why did they bury him? What could he have done? Those bastards!” she wailed.

Ross’ mom’s fiance said cops located his body by tracking his cellphone and identified him through his clothing.

“It looks like he was murdered and buried in a shallow grave,” said Noel Moses, 61. [New York Daily News]



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