Guyanese man busted with cocaine-laden suitcases at JFK remanded

Newly landed passengers wait to be processed through U.S. immigration at JFK airport in New York. (Centre for Human Rights file photo)

A 51-year-old man who admitted to United States Drug Enforcement Agents that he carried cocaine-laden suitcases as debt repayment has been slapped with drug trafficking charges and remanded to a US prison.

Orwin Harry was busted at John F Kennedy (JFK) International Airport on October 27, 2019, with drugs just after he arrived on a Caribbean Airlines flight from Guyana.

Reports are the 51-year-old man was carrying two pieces of luggage upon arrival in New York. A search was conducted and the cocaine was found concealed in false walls of the suitcases. When questioned about the 0.91 kilograms (2 lbs), Harry claimed that he was given the suitcases by someone in Guyana, whom he owed money. He told DEA officers that he had to deliver the luggage to someone in NYC, who was scheduled to pick him up at the airport.

Earlier in October, two other Guyanese were also busted at JFK with cocaine.

Kester Anfrany Johnson was caught on October 22 on arrival in the US.

Reports are after providing officials at the JFK with inconsistent travel plans, the 23-year-old was busted with over 25 pellets of cocaine in his stomach.

According to information, the drug mule arrived at the JFK International Airport on a Caribbean Airlines flight out of Guyana and was observed acting in a suspicious manner. His baggage was subjected to inspection and he became increasingly nervous, causing officials there to suspect something was amiss. Based on his responses and general demeanour, he was subjected to an X-ray which revealed foreign objects in his stomach.

He was taken into custody and subsequently excreted 25 pellets. On October 19, another Guyanese, Deskean Reid, was busted with 2.28 kilograms of cocaine in his luggage at JFK.

Reid arrived at the JFK International Airport aboard a Caribbean Airlines flight