Guyanese found dead in NY home

DEAD: Eric Assanah

A 21-year-old father of one was on Sunday afternoon found dead in his Queens, New York home with a bullet wound to his chest and severe head trauma.
Dead is Eric Assanah, a Guyanese of 135th Place near 133rd Avenue in South Ozone Park, NY, USA. One day prior to his death, he reportedly left a message for his father in Guyana to return a call to him, claiming that he was scared.

DEAD: Eric Assanah
DEAD: Eric Assanah

Based on information received, at the time of the discovery, there were five persons in the house, but no one seemed to know what took place.
Assanah’s girlfriend, with whom he was temporarily living, told the Police that she woke up and found him dead, but investigators believe that she might know more.
“The only thing we know for sure is he was with his cousin earlier that morning,” Assanah’s stepfather, Isaiah Cameron, said. “That night they hung out, he dropped him off at the house.” So far, reports have suggested that the Police are working with several leads and are hunting several persons in connection with murder.
The young Guyanese did odd construction jobs, but was trying to find a steady job in order to support his one-year-old son. Reports are that the young man wanted to get into the Air Force. Only last week, two Guyanese were killed in the Queens, New York area.
Two Mondays ago, Rajwantie Basdeo of South Jamaica, Queens, NY and formerly of Lot 250 Sixth Street Foulis, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was stabbed to death by her husband, who almost decapitated her in front of eyewitnesses in Richmond Hill, NY.
Her husband, Prem Rampersaud, 50, was arrested and charged after committing the heinous crime.
Based on reports received, the jealous man attacked his wife shortly after midnight at the corner of 103rd Avenue and 124th Street, slapping and choking her before pulling out the knife and stabbing her several times.
In addition, Alastasia Bryan, 25, a Police corrections officer of Guyanese parentage, was shot and killed as she sat in her car in Flatlands, Brooklyn, NY in an apparent execution-style killing. She was murdered in the vicinity of East 73rd Street and Avenue L in Flatlands about 21:15h when a dark coloured Honda rolled up and fired off a volley of five shots.
Police confirmed that a single bullet hit the officer in the head, killing her instantly. (Adapted from New York Post)


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