Guyanese footballer busted at JFK with 740 grammes of cocaine

Manasseh 'Ziggy' Primo
Manasseh ‘Ziggy’ Primo

[] – Local Footballer Manasseh “Ziggy” Primo was busted at the John F Kennedy Airport on New York with some 740 grams of cocaine pellets in his body on June 11.

According to reports, the footballer was arrested at the JFK after law enforcement officials interrogated him and discovered he had swallowed a quantity of the prohibited substance in the form of pellets.

Reports also pointed out that at the weekend, Primo excreted some 51 pellets of cocaine which weighed o some 740 grammes.

Primo, an Alpha United striker, had arrived in New York indicating to officials that he had travelled to play a soccer tournament and visit some family; however the authorities did not buy his story and continued to probe him.


  1. What is wrong with these people who think that they are smarter than everyone else? When will they understand that no matter how hard they try, how innovative they THINK they are, they WILL be caught. They do not deserve our sympathy.

  2. Throw his ass in the jinks, foolish people want fast money and would not try to work honestly and dedicated for it.


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