Guyanese dies in Barbados accident


[] – A 29-year-old Guyanese who has been living in Barbados for the last ten years was yesterday (September 30) killed in a vehicular accident in Barbados

The dead man has been identified as Govind “Andy” Bhagwandat of Harrow Land, St Philip, Barbados.

According to the Barbados ‘Nationnews’ Bhagwandat’s aunt “Esther” and cousin “Ricky” recalled seeing him on Sunday last. Ricky said they exchanged a few words before parting. The relatives admitted that they did not communicate as regularly since he moved out.

“Andy wasn’t a bad person, yuh know. . . . I was shocked when I hear [of his death] this morning,” Esther said, adding that she and her nephew did not speak to each other on Sunday.

Ricky said his cousin was a church-going person and was out in the field with the Jehovah’s Witnesses on Sunday. He said they would hang out and party together and have a few drinks, but that changed since Bhagwandat started going to church.

The relatives said the farm worker, who came to Barbados almost ten years ago, had two younger brothers, one in Guyana and the other in New York with their mother.



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