Guyanese decry Int’l support in combating drug trade

Cocaine and Marijuana being destroyed.
Cocaine and Marijuana being destroyed.

[] – Many Guyanese are disappointed with the support of other countries and international anti – narcotics agencies to fight of the drug trade here.

Hundreds of citizens do not believe that there is enough international support received by Guyana to combat the use of its ports as a narco – trade transshipment point.

In iNews’ weekly poll, dating August 24 – 30, citizens were asked: “Do you believe that the law enforcement agencies receive sufficient international support to combat the use of Guyana as a narco – trade transshipment point?”

Responses were numerous and in the end 72% of participants said no, 23% said yes and a mere five percent were undecided.

Guyana is believed to be a major transshipment point for drugs along with other Caribbean and Latin America countries.

Local Law enforcement agencies have been able to make several seizures, both large and small and secure dents in the trade; however; prosecution and arrest are said to be few and many continue to fail.

Only recently, The Customs and Anti – Narcotics Unit (CANU) destroyed a fat pile of Marijuana and Cocaine.

Head of CANU, James Singh had explained that it was part of the Unit’s regular exercise to ensure that illicit drugs which were seized are destroyed to prevent large stock piles, particularly for security reasons.

Singh said the Marijuana which was set alight amounts to just under a ton (1970 kilograms) and accounted for seizures in 2013 and 2014.

Similarly Cocaine seized during the same period was destroyed, totaling 730 kilograms. The CANU Head said the drugs were seized on numerous occasions; on board vessels, port of entry/exit and other search operations.

CANU also found recently a Propelled Semi-Submersible in the Waini River.

The operation, during which the Sub was found, also discovered a camp consisting of three structures – accommodation, workshop area and generator. The accommodation had the capacity to sleep approximately 12 persons, there was also a kitchen area located within the accommodation.

CANU in a statement noted that the workshop consisted of pulleys, power tools, paint, and several fiber glass materials. Based on the items, it is evident that this area was used to build the Submersible found in the creek.




  1. Blame your greedy corrupt government. The USA wants to help but the local officials are not willing to abide by the set rules when it comes to fighting the drug problem. The drug trade is propelling the Guyanese economy

  2. I did not participate in this survey because it unfairly targeted foreign support when local support has been clearly absent.

    With Guyana being seen as a major transshipment point for illicit drugs, the question should ask whether Guyana has done enough to curtail the activity. The answer is a resounding no!

    After the US named Khan in a 2005 report as a major drug smuggler, for example, Jagdeo did nothing to apprehend Khan for questioning, and then after Khan was renditioned to NewYork, Jagdeo promised to probe Khan, but again did nothing. Local support against the drug scourge was deliberately withheld because it propped up the formal economy and made some government officials rich.

    We often focus on Roger Khan and others because they were caught, but there are others who got through and have gone on to launder the ill-gotten gains in the formal economy. Guyana.


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