Guyanese bus operator dies from coronavirus in New York – NY Daily News



Bus Operator Oliver Cyrus (TWULocal100)

A Guyanese Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus operator has died from coronavirus Thursday in New York, the second member of the agency’s workforce to succumb to the disease, according to reports from New York Daily News.

Oliver Cyrus, 61, drove buses for the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority, a subsidiary of the MTA that operates a handful of express and local bus routes. He worked out of Manhattanville bus depot in West Harlem, according to New York Daily News.

Cyrus who has been working for the MTA for 21 years was born in Guyana and lived in Brooklyn.

It’s not clear when Cyrus tested positive for the disease, NY Daily reported.

Cyrus’ death was reported hours after the MTA confirmed longtime subway conductor Peter Petrassi, 49, died from the disease.

MTA head of buses Craig Cipriano said Cyrus was “loved by his friends and colleagues.”

“The men and women of New York City Transit are doing incredible work, going above and beyond the call of duty as they have done in the past,” Cipriano said, NY Daily News reported.