Guyanese Ambassador is new ACP Secretary General

Guyana's Ambassador to Belgium and the European Community, His Excellency Dr. Patrick Ignatius Gomes
Guyana’s Ambassador to Belgium and the European Community, His Excellency Dr. Patrick Ignatius Gomes

[] – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today that Guyana’s Ambassador to Belgium and the European Community, His Excellency Dr. Patrick Ignatius Gomes, was selected as the new Secretary-General of the ACP for the period 2015 to 2020.  

Ambassador Gomes will take office in March 2015 in the fortieth year of the ACP.  It was in Guyana, 39 years ago in 1975, that the ACP was birthed through the Georgetown Accord.

Ambassador Gomes has served as Guyana’s Ambassador to the ACP Group of States and the European Union with effect from February 2005.  He is also the Chairman of the Ambassadors’ Working Group on Future Perspectives of the ACP.  For almost a decade, Ambassador Gomes has worked consistently within the ACP to gain beneficial terms of trade and development in the markets of the European Union for ACP’s agricultural commodities and minerals.  He has also pursued improved financial support and services for joint ACP-EU institutions such as the Centre for Technical Cooperation in Agriculture and Rural Development and has been instrumental in promoting the potential for capacity development of the ACP through South-South and Triangular Cooperation.

In thanking the ACP Ministers for the confidence they have exhibited in Ambassador Gomes, Minister of Foreign Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett said “the ACP is at a critical juncture and experience and wise leadership coupled with patience are critical if we are to overcome the challenges. Ambassador Gomes possesses these attributes and together with the support of all of us, I am confident he will not only keep the Georgetown Agreement alive but will make it thrive.” Minister Rodrigues-Birkett in congratulating Ambassador Gomes said “Warmest congratulations compatriot, the celebration will be short as you have a lot of work to do. Go now and serve the African, Caribbean and Pacific group with distinction as you have served your own country Guyana.”

The Government of Guyana views this appointment as an honour for Guyana, the Caribbean and the ACP Group.




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