Guyanese allegedly kills nephew over property dispute in NY



A US-based Guyanese on Sunday reportedly hacked his nephew to death over an ongoing feud over the family property in Queens, New York.

The New York Post reported that fifty-year-old Mahadeo Suhnandan is now awaiting arraignment for allegedly killing his 29-year-old nephew, Neraz Roberts, inside the home.

Authorities say that just before 5:00h on Sunday, officers were called to a home on 187th Place in Jamaica following a disturbance.

Upon arrival, officers found Roberts inside the home with stab wounds to his back and hand. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Neighbour Ryan Basdeo, said problems in the family began about 2 1/2 years ago when the owner of the house died, leaving her son, her daughter and Suhnandan, the daughter’s husband, to sort out the ownership of the two-story brick home.

Both the son and his family, including his own offspring, Roberts, and the daughter and her husband lived at the property.

“Since the mother died, they’ve been fighting,” he said. “Always cops coming here.”

Suhnandan allegedly had his brother-in-law kicked out, but Roberts still lived in a basement apartment there.

On Sunday, the feud turned bloody, with Police saying Suhnandan used a machete to attack his nephew during the most recent fight.

“The son is the one in the basement who got stabbed,” Basdeo said. “He argues a little, but it’s really been [his] father and the uncle most of the time,” the New York Post reported. Sukhnandan was taken into custody.