Guyana’s Priyanna Ramdhani awarded badminton scholarship in Canada

FILE: Guyana’s Priyanna Ramdhani (left) and Sara Michelle Barrios Chiong of Guatemala

Priyanna Ramdhani, arguably Guyana’s best female badminton player currently, has achieved every student-athlete’s dream: the opportunity to play and study simultaneously through a scholarship.

The 17-year-old badminton sensation has gained a badminton scholarship at the Olds College, Alberta, Canada and will represent her new college badminton team, the Broncos. When she is not on the badminton courts, the teenager will be reading for a Diploma in Business and Sports Management.

Ramdhani will join her older brother, Narayan Ramdhani in Canada, where he studies and competes for the Kings University in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Guyana Badminton Association (GBA) in a media release cited the Olympics as one of the teenager’s goals while expressing elation at being able to play a part in her development.

“The Guyana Badminton Association is quite pleased that this opportunity came at a time when Priyanna can develop her game further and is only heading in one direction, which is playing in the Olympics which we know with all her great performances that her ambition will one day materialise,” the body said.

Just a few months ago, the teen copped the Caribbean Regional Badminton Confederation (CAREBACO) Junior Triple Crown, in Barbados. She also medalled in the Under-17, Under-19 and Senior CAREBACO championships in 2018.

Speaking on the achievements of the 2018 Junior Sportswoman of the Year, the Head Coach of Ramdhani’s soon to be team, the Broncos, Mary Smith placed emphasis on her stellar achievements and upbringing on the badminton courts.

“Priyanna is a force on the courts, winning a triple crown at the Caribbean games this past year, and ranked one in Guyana. Priyanna has grown up with badminton since she was a young girl, having her father as her coach and her brother as a team-mate. Priyanna has a champion’s heart on and off the court,” Smith said.

The Head Coach went on to share that she was confident about the 17-year-old’s abilities and was eager to have her play the team.

“Her positive attitude, determination, commitment to her studies, and support of her team-mates exemplify what it is to be a Bronco-student athlete. Priyanna also has her sights on the Olympics and we are here to help her achieve her dream. Olds College Broncos badminton team is thrilled to have Priyanna join the team this season,” the Head Coach added.