Guyana’s aviation industry neglected – Travel Span CEO

The withdrawals of major airlines from the local market over the years have left devastating impacts on the economy, yet the government seems unbothered by the risks and concerns existing in the aviation sector.
This is according to Chief Executive Officer of Travel Span, Nohar Singh. During an interview on Saturday, Singh pointed out that though many credible airlines abruptly pulled out from the market after making huge investments, no action has been taken to examine the reasons or circumstances behind those bold decisions, and to determine what preventive or remedial measures could be put in place to address the situation.
CEO of Travel Span, Nohar Singh
CEO of Travel Span, Nohar Singh

“Guyanese have seen airlines come and airlines go. We have lost several really major airlines in this country. North American Airlines was a very reliable service….(and) we were literally blessed to have Delta in this country. Someone could get on an airplane in India or any part of the Middle East or Africa and check in just once with their bags and then in Guyana. We lost that airline,” he declared.

“Why are we losing these airlines? Why are they coming in and then going out? We need to talk about that, we need to look at the reasons why and understand the airline business in a bigger context,” Singh posited.
The concerned stakeholder explained that the airline business is not a “one man” show but rather, all players including government must contribute significantly to ensure stability in the sector, especially in light of the fact that the sector contributes tremendously to the economy.


  1. I agree 100% with his comment. Everyone was or is excited with the change of government, but their priorities are out of order. And this is one of the issues needed to be addressed.

  2. Mr. Singh that’s true what you said about Delta airline it was very good and at ease to know you check in your bag once and don’t have to worry about bags again until you get home but I’m wandering why only now you are bringing this up. DELTA Airline haven’t ply our route for almost three years now not one year ago so this matter should have been address before now.
    I’m a Guyanese living in th UK and early this year we had Caribbean Airline pulling out on us which cause a major impact on us. Yes that’s quite recent and I personally and know of a wide population of Guyanese who is traveling from the UK will b happy if something can be done for us in this stead.
    Our biggest problem though is that Guyana need their own air carrier and I can’t understand why we can’t get one. Can you please tell me mr Singh why Guyana as a nation doesn’t have its own air carrier for so lone?


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