Guyana to know population count/growth rate by the end of June



census[] – Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh has once again assured Guyanese that they can expect the results of the 2012 National Census by the end of the first half of 2014.

Dr. Singh, who had promised to deliver a preliminary report by this time during his recent budget speech, reassured parliamentarians last week when the question was asked by Alliance For Change Member of Parliament, Catherine Hughes.

The preliminary report will provide Guyanese with information regarding population count – by geographical area and gender distribution – the sex ratio, population density by Region and Regional growth rates among other information.

The Finance Minister in his response explained that a more detailed analysis on parameters relating to age distribution, ethnicity, educational levels, economic activities and labour force, migration patterns and quality of life among others will follow in a larger and final report which is expected by December 2015.

It was noted that the Bureau of Statistics is the sole custodian of the database generated from the census and all previous censuses.

Data from the census will only be disseminated in summarized and aggregative formats as is required by law.

The GNBS, which is the agency mandated to carry out this exercise, started work on September 15, 2012 and was scheduled to complete a preliminary report early 2013.

The census is a critical planning tool, helping policymakers plan for the future in terms of schools, clinics, hospitals, roads, urban infrastructure, and more.

As such, the delay has caused many persons to raise concerns.



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