Guyana to host first leg of Inter-Guiana Games             


unnamed (6)[] – The first leg of the 27th Inter-Guiana games will be held in Guyana from August 1– 3, 2014. Athletes will be competing in Track and Field, Basketball and Swimming while the other events will be held in Suriname (Dutch Guiana) and French Guiana.

The swimming will be held at the National Aquatic Center and Basketball at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall while the Track and Field activities might be held at the National Synthetic Track in Leonora.

iNews Sport understands that the Track and Field events will only be held at the Synthetic track if it’s completed by July month end.

Representatives from Suriname and French Guiana are currently in Guyana looking at the conditions. A meeting with the three participating nation will be held at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports for which a date is yet to be set.

Sport Minister Dr. Frank Anthony said the games should be more than a tri-nation event since athletes are dominating in various categories; Guyana has dominated the 100m and 200m races last year.

Guyana’s Kevin Abbensettes and Alita Moore won the 100m and 200m sprint last year. For this year Abbensettes is in the open category and Moore is in the US on a track and field scholarship




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