Guyana Times/INews Public Service Advisory on COVID 19

  • Wear Masks against spreading COVID 19

In the battle against the COVID 19 pandemic, until a vaccine is created, initiatives have focused on preventing the transmission of the virus from infected persons to others.

Testing, social distancing, isolation, quarantining, lockdowns (partial or total), hand washing etc. are some of the measures in addition to using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) especially by health care workers.

The latter include masks, gloves, goggles and glasses, gowns, head covers, and shoe covers protect against the transmission of the virus through contact and droplet routes.

Since testing is not being done on a mass scale that can identify the infected and it is now proven that some persons who are infected exhibit none of the symptoms (asymptomatic), but can yet transmit the virus, it is advisable that masks are worn by all in public spaces in addition to taking the other steps.

This has been the practice in China, South Korea and other eastern countries used to great effect in helping to bring down the rate of infection to a point where they now have it under control.

While it is known that both surgical and N95 masks are very difficult to source, we would advise that even homemade masks using handkerchiefs and other fabrics would help to prevent transmission when speaking to others in close proximity or leaving the droplets or aerosols in the air.

If you must be out, wear a mask!