Guyana still awaiting word from T&T officials on land deal


With a new Administration in place in neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), Guyana’s Agriculture Minister Noel Holder said he is yet to receive word from his counterpart Senator Clarence Rambharat, on the way forward for the Guyana-Trinidad land deal.

TT Senator Clarence Rambharat
TT Senator Clarence Rambharat

Back in 2013, and under the previous Administration, Guyana and Trinidad signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), where Guyana committed to making available some 10,000 acres of land to farmers from the twin Island Republic for agricultural purposes.
However, that project is yet to be undertaken by Trinidad, although Guyana has maintained that it remains committed.

Speaking to a section of the media on Friday, Minister Holder said his Ministry is still waiting to hear from the new Agriculture Minister there. Holder said he understands that the new Government may want to look over some of the projects in the pipeline, and to this he has no objection.

Asked the last time he communicated with officials there, Holder recalled that it was sometime last year.

Trinidad and Tobago’s former Finance Minister Larry Howai had announced back in 2013 that Guyana would provide 10,000 acres of land in Berbice for immediate agricultural production and that “a further 90,000 acres of Guyana’s land would also be made available to T&T farmers. The whole idea was that investors in Port of Spain would be invited to farm the lands.




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