Guyana secures rice market in Panama

Rice being prepared for export


rice-shipment[] – Guyana has managed to secure yet another market for rice in Panama, according to President Donald Ramotar.          

The President was recently in Columbia where he engaged Panamanian Head of State, Juan Carlos Varela in talks.

On his return, President Ramotar deployed a team to Panama to negotiate the terms under which this arrangement could materialise.

The Ministry of Agriculture is expected to release more details on the agreement reached. President Ramotar said that his Government is aggressively pursuing additional markets in Central America and Africa so as not to restrict the massive growth in production that the country has been witnessing, but rather to encourage even greater production.

Guyana’s rice industry has seen repeated bumper crops, with a record production of 535,000 tonnes of rice of which 395, 000 tonnes was exported. This year, the country is expected to produce over 600,000 tonnes of rice by the end of 2014.

[Extracted and modified from GINA]




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