Guyana records 48 imported Covid-19 cases since reopening borders


Guyana has recorded 48 imported cases of the novel coronavirus since the reopening of its borders late last year.

“Since the reopening of the airports to international travel, we have detected 48 cases,” said Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony during today’s Covid-19 update.

“Most of them we detected at the two international airports,” he explained.

Since the reopening of the Guyana-Suriname border, the Health Minister said authorities have not detected any positive cases.

Guyana has recorded over 10,000 positive cases with a death toll of 231. The active cases exceed 900.

To date, over 30,000 persons have been vaccinated. The vaccines are currently being offered to persons aged 40 and above as well as frontline healthcare workers.

The Health Minister has explained that persons who are fully vaccinated still need to produce a negative Covid-19 test for international travelling purposes.

“You are required to continue doing your PCR testing and antigen testing as is required by the country that you are going to,” he related, noting that “while the vaccines would help to reduce the severity of the Covid-19 disease, it does not stop Covid-19 infection.”