Guyana prepares third relief shipment for St Vincent


Emergency supplies have been loaded onto a vessel for St Vincent and the Grenadines – the third shipment which Guyana has sent off to the affected island within recent days.

Presently, the country is still witnessing seismic tremor generated by explosive activity at La Soufrière volcano, and thousands of residents continue to take refuge at shelters on the safer side of the island.

The MV Lady Fazeela, carrying 275 tonnes of food supplies and other needed articles, is expected to set sail on Tuesday. But first, it will transit to Barbados to deliver bottled water and tanks, as the country also faces the brunt of volcanic activities.

On Saturday, the first shipment of 350 tonnes of items arrived in St Vincent, where Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves hailed Guyana as the head cornerstone in CARICOM.

The Private sector and donors from civil society have played an important part in this feat to offer continuous support to St Vincent.