Guyana, other CARICOM countries discuss security threats


photo 1[] – Guyana along with other Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries participated in the just concluded XI meeting of the Conference of the Defence Ministers of the Americas (CDMA) where discussions to determine their security threats and the nature of their individual responses to such threats were discussed.

The conference was held in Peru from October 12 to 14. Representing Guyana was Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee and Army Chief Brigadier General Mark Phillips.

Rohee said he was participating in the conference with much enthusiasm and optimism even as he announced that Guyana is determined to support any hemispheric -wide consensus with the objective to strengthen security and Defence in the Americas.

“In Guyana, we practice inter-agency coordination in a civilian-led integrated approach to the various security and Defence related threats to our country, with the participation of our Defence Forces as a necessary and indispensable component,” Rohee told the conference today.

He said Guyana supports the call to modernize and adapt the Inter-American Defence System to make it more relevant to the multi-dimensional challenges facing the Nations individually and collectively.

“Mr Chairman, any discussion on security in our hemisphere would be deficient unless attention is paid to the special security threats faced by the Small Islands and Low-coastal States of the Caribbean.”

The Home Affairs Minister also registered Guyana’s support for the Five Thematic Axes of this 11th CDMA and all the proposed mechanisms aimed at improving collaboration and coordination of efforts in the areas of Defence and Security in general.

“Guyana supports the proposal advanced by Chile that for the future, the proposed military conferences, if agreed, should proceed future CDMA Meetings,” Rohee said; adding that “Guyana is pleased to join the hemispheric discussion on the best ways to meet the challenges we face,which include narcotics, arms and human trafficking; climate change; illegal mining and logging and the resultant environmental degradation; natural disasters; health care; terrorism and other poverty related issues.”

Guyana has participated in all the Conferences of the CDMA ever since it was launched in 1995 in Williamsburg, Virginia USA. Participating in the Conference were thirteen (13) member states of CARICOM.  The X11 meeting of CDMA will be held in Trinidad and Tobago.



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