Guyana National Broadcasting Authority appoints new CEO


The Governing Board of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) has officially appointed Dr. Prudence Lewis-Bhola as Chief Executive Officer, effective 26th September, 2016.

Dr Prudence Lewis-Bhola
Dr Prudence Lewis-Bhola

The GNBA, in a statement this morning, said Dr Lewis-Bhola possesses a wealth of experience in broadcasting for over a decade and an extensive background in private sector management. She also “exemplifies all the requisite skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to successfully execute the mandate of the GNBA”.

According to the GNBA, Dr. Lewis-Bhola currently holds a doctorate in Transformational Leadership, having completed her doctoral degree in June of 2015 in the United States of America. She also possesses a Bachelor of Laws and a Social Sciences Degree in Communication from the University of Guyana.

Dr. Lewis-Bhola is convinced that there is much to be done at this time and is eager to make a positive contribution to the GNBA and the broadcast sector as a whole.  Keenly aware of the issues and challenges of the local broadcast landscape, she is optimistic that much can be achieved from meaningful engagement and collaboration with all stakeholders in the broadcast industry.

The CEO plans to be proactive and diligent in her efforts to execute the GNBA’s statutory mandate. She has already commenced strategic planning sessions with GNBA’s senior management team and hopes to lead a series of consultative sessions with broadcast operators over the next two months.


  1. This is the continuing story—A person about whom the public at large is wholly unacquainted is given an appointment .
    She , the highly qualified Ms. Lewis – Bhola , has no antecedents , comes out of nowhere , married , single, living home . ! Worked where , no discernible age or other linkages. So much for your reportage .


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