“Guyana is in a health crisis” – APNU+AFC doubtful Guyana will meet maternal health MDG

Second from left: Dr Surendra Persaud, Dr Karen Cummings and Dr George Norton during the press conference.

By Jomo Paul

Second from left: Dr Surendra Persaud, Dr Karen Cummings and Dr George Norton during the press conference.
Second from left: Dr Surendra Persaud, Dr Karen Cummings and Dr George Norton during the press conference.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – At the end of 2015, Guyana could be one of the countries that have not achieved the eight Millennium Development Goal (MDG) as outlined in the United Nations declaration, according to APNU+AFC health specialists.

APNU+AFC’s, Dr Suredra Persaud bluntly speaking at a press conference on Monday, April 20 questioned whether there is “an acceptable number of our women that should die becoming mothers? The answer is no – zero.”

According to Dr Persaud, Guyana will not be able to achieve that goal but nonetheless an APNU+AFC government will look to eradicate maternal mortality completely.

“It doesn’t matter what that number is, it is still. We can’t hit it, even the Ministry has said it; we are not going to hit it. And even if we were to hit it, it’s still not acceptable, it’s an arbitrary figure….what we are going after is zero because no woman in the world should die giving birth,” said a passionate Dr Persaud.

Meanwhile, Dr Karen Cummings posited that “Guyana is in a health crisis” as she pointed out that attention is being placed on speciality care rather than on primary health services.

“It seems as though the PPP/C has shifted their emphasis from primary and preventative health to tertiary and speciality care,” said Dr Cummings.

She posited that a multi-sectoral approach would be needed to combat the issue of health in Guyana but while this is so, APNU+AFC will be placing mental and maternal health on the front burner, if it is elected to office.

A recent UN report noted that Guyana has succeeded in reducing the number of maternal deaths and increasing the availability of skilled health personnel at births but ante natal care coverage and contraceptive prevalence are on the rise.

“The country is currently assessed as having the potential to meet the MDG target of reducing the maternal mortality ratio by three-quarters, and has a mixed outlook on the target to achieve universal access to reproductive health.Maternal mortality has been on a decreasing trend in recent years. The maternal mortality ratio declined from an adjusted baseline of 320 deaths per 100,000 live births in 1991 to 86 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2008. In general maternal health has improved, bolstered by almost universal antenatal care coverage, increased access to improved facilities,” the MDG report stated.



  1. Mckenzie man you put your comment under the wrong news. I know you are confused that is why I told you to leave it to us.

  2. Who these two wanna believe they fooling? In the developed country like USA the stat is as follows:- 2 women die everyday from pregnancy related causes. This is a fact!!! Yet these two charlatans parading like dr. Phil and telling us that if they get into power they will have a zero death rate for pregnancy related deaths of women. Oh please, talk about ignorance spoken with profound confidence! That’s what they doing!!!

  3. This is rubbish. These people has nothing better to discuss. Guyana health sector has developed under this PPP/C Government.

    Where were you when PNC brought it to CRISIS state????

  4. Well said d so call doctors what they are should know what hospital and treatment was when PNC was in power it did not even had a bed or for a matter of fact not even a hospital was a pig pen so let them continue to talk bad about the PPP after all all things is only possible with PPP in power

  5. What scare tactics, we are not afraid of them. They can talk how much they want but they better know that we got the real thing. we are not novice,, we got good training so let them talk.

  6. I believe,scare tactics being used by this incumbent will not help their cause.The lies,dishonesty and unfair dealings will be their demise,trust me.They are so desperate,they will do anything to hold on to power,but it is not business as usual.IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  7. Real doctors use their time to save people lives. The above bunch seems to have a lot of time to waste providing false information. This Persaud guy wants to “eradicate” maternal mortality. Sounds like he wants to play God. I suggest he first spend some time with Dr Bhiro Persaud Harry, before making any other stupid comments. The AFCAPNU attracts a certain type of people, this Persaud guy seems to have found his corner.

  8. What a set of dumb doctors nothing good come out of apnu and afc mouth under the PNC government we guyanese couldn’t even get a simple pain tablet now we get everything why would any guyanese what to go back to the hard days courtesy of the the PNC when we have a future with the PPP goverment
    Come on apnu/afc think before you all open your mouth there is nothing apnu/afc has to offer to the guyanese people
    Apnu/afc would have get a better chance to win the election if they rename the party name to
    The pensioner party
    A set of old dry up bitter upset people fighting for power just to full they own pockets just look at ramjatan and nagamottoo face all you can see is scampishness who would trust them I would not even trust them to cross the road them self so just make way for us Guyanese people to go forward and stay behind right where you will be come Election Day

  9. these clowns know there will be a crisis…they should post tomorrow night winning lotto numbers here for me so i can win it..dem ah clutch at shit now lol

  10. There is no doubt that all is not well within the health sector To suggest that it is in a CRISIS is not only sensationalist, misleading, scaremongering by these Opposition politicians hoping to score cheap political points but also dishonest, over exaggerated and irresponsible. In the UK which has one of the world’s best National Health Service (NHS) is sometimes criticised for under performing .or to the point of the pessimists of collapsing.Yet still, it serves the vast majority of its citizens with distinction.
    The opposition failed to mention the vast improvement in the provision of health facilities and services across the rural communities, the hinterland areas, modernisation of existing facilities in Georgetown which collapsed during the days of the PNC rule, Suddie and Linden just to name a few. Suddenly, Dr Persaud and Dr Cummings have found fault lines in the health sector. Why did they wait until they have been on the opposition lists of candidates at election time to air their concerns?
    The electorate know what kind of health service they had before 1992 and can see the marked improvement now. There is still a lot more to do.Which ever political party forms the next government, at least they would not have to rebuild it like the PPP/C had to do since 1992. The health service in Guyana then was a National disgrace. Guyanese don’t want to go back to that stage.


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