‘Guyana Homecoming 2015’ expected to see 100,000 Guyanese return

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Minister of Tourism, Irfaan Ali at the unveiling of Destination Guyana’s new logo. [GINA Photo]

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A section of the audience during the launch of Tourism Awareness Month 2014. [GINA Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Intensifying awareness of the country’s tourism potential was the highlight at the launch of Tourism Awareness Month 2014 by the Ministry of Tourism Industry & Commerce last evening.

The 20th Tourism Awareness Month was launched under the theme: Tourism Entrepreneur and Ambassadors mobilised.

Guyana established a “tourism ambassador programme” which was patterned after a Trinidad module. Speaking during the launch at the Amerindian Village located in the Sophia Exhibition Complex, Minister of Tourism (ag) Irfaan Ali stressed on the need for Guyanese to be reminded of the importance of the sector in Guyana’s future.

“The growth of this sector cannot be achieved alone, we need partners in order to move forward,” the Minister said.

Minister Ali said that the industry is at its developing stage, where protocols and guidelines are being established.

The need for sport fishing and its potential was reiterated by the Minister as he went on to state that the ministry has implemented incentives to aid in reduced cost for local travellers to explore the beauty of Guyana.

The Minister also said there is need for infrastructure and an environment which meets international standards to attract tourists while the private sector was urged to become members of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) since it will open opportunities for the enjoyment of the income expected from the 100,000 Guyanese who are anticipated to return to Guyana in 2015 as ‘Guyana Homecoming 2015’ takes off.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Minister of Tourism, Irfaan Ali at the unveiling of  Destination Guyana’s new logo. [GINA Photo]
Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Minister of Tourism, Irfaan Ali at the unveiling of Destination Guyana’s new logo. [GINA Photo]
In this regard the ministry is working with THAG and various airlines to design a marketing strategy for the homecoming campaign. Extensive social media marketing is aspect of the strategy.

The private sector has invested heavily into the tourism sector to create the environment and facilities to drive tourism.

Ramesh Persaud, Chairman of the Private Sector Commission said Guyana is a place of many unexplored business opportunities, especially in the tourism sector.

Newly appointed Chairman/ President of THAG, Shaun McGrath, said, “as a hotelier in Guyana for the past 25 years, I have heard people say tourism is not going to happen in Guyana. They say they have to clean up the place first but the truth is, tourism is well and alive in Guyana.”

Hotels in the interior are filled, McGrath said. He talked of the fact that Guyanese need to be made aware of the tourism potential of Guyana.

Caribbean countries such as Barbados, Jamaica and others have implemented programmes in schools to start with tourism awareness in the minds of children. This is an initiative which Guyana has now taken up.

Among other activities to raise tourism awareness include the launch of restaurant week on November 10 to 16, World Travel Market on November 3 to 6 in London which will include the launch of the Explore Guyana magazine, School talks, Customer Service and servers training among other activities.

[Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. Instead of PPP on their knees hoping and begging Guyanese to come visit in droves why not PPP find the common sense to make it feasible for Guyanese to come back to live in Guyana by the droves?
    PPP to find the balls to wipe out the criminal elements that come to your home and business placing guns to your heads to get rich quick..Take the fight to them kill them on the spot without fear..PPP ministers must stop worrying that if they take out these criminals their VISAS will be revoked..PPP must stop worrying what PNC placed in their dossier and sent to US and UN for their dossier are well known dead criminals..PPP must put a sock in the mouth of GHRA since GHRA represents the criminal elements in Guyana..
    One major thing to bring home the Guyanese that PNC and PPP chased out of Guyana is do look at the currency…PPP if they dont want or cant changed their currency in US notes and coins then put a full stop to the business people who are pricing and charging almost everything according to US dollars..
    Houses are being sold according to US dollars..Even the bloody illegal vendor on the street who pays no rent no tax no duty pricing their bloody mangoes according to US currency…
    For a small population of Guyana the crime is too much so the ruling kabal must find the right people with guts and gusto to make sure these parasites go away for good.. Disappear them and loads of people will come visit and live..Not only Guyanese..

  2. Car…the only people that would take some Government Jobs are those who support and vote PNC so its expected for them to shake you down and do absolute nothing about the Georgetown Stench…I tell you this…If any PPP institute were found with a payroll of 800 employees but in fact it was only 400 you bet your life PNC would have rocked Guyana to the rock bottom..PNC would take to the street in loud whaling crying hollering bawling their guts out..Well the top PNC DOG still at City Hall and his supporters still loving him..They dont care what he does to their monies and how he got them living in stench..They dare not take to the streets to remove their once crown prince in waiting to be King after the death of their founding father King Kabaka Bunom..

  3. Has the Guyana Government used the millions they received to clean up the gutters, and trenches around Georgetown and the restaurants? e.g. the trench in front of OMG in Campbellville? Actually all the trenches, along Sheriff Street is CLOGGED, and has been for years. Drains in Regent Street are CLOGGED with garbage, there isn’t a flow of water. The only drains that were semi-clean, were the ones on Lamaha Street. What about the Cops? will they be retrained to HELP the people, answer calls, and take proper reports? Or people have to “pass $$$$ under the table” to receive help from them? My experience with them, was one I hope not to be repeated. One more thing tourism is an open invitation to all, not only to the migrated citizens.


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