Guyana has no documents to prove Essequibo ownership – Venezuelan diplomat

Venezuelan Ambassador Jorge Guerrero
Venezuelan Ambassador Jorge Guerrero

[] – A Venezuelan diplomat has declared that Guyana has no documents to prove its ownership of the Essequibo region, which is being claimed by Venezuela.

This statement was made by Venezuela’s Ambassador to Grenada Jorge Alfonzo Guerrero Veloz at a media briefing in the Caribbean Island.

In the report carried by Grenada’s MTV News, Veloz claims that Guyana is a state of the United States of America hence the issue is gaining much traction.

“I am going to make it clear, in March of this year the Government of the US declared Venezuela an unusual and extraordinary threat to their homeland security,” said Veloz via an interpreter.

According to the Ambassador, the Guyana Government does not possess any legal documentation to prove its ownership to the Essequibo region.

Venezuela“Guyana has no documents attributing them as owners of the land,” he said.

Asked whether the recent oil find made by ExxonMobil in Guyana’s waters offshore of the Stabroek Block would have spurred the most recent claim by Venezuela, the Ambassador said no.

He stated that it would take years to establish whether there really was oil in the area and in what quantity.

Venezuela issued a decree on Guyana’s Independence Day claiming 2/3 of the country; breathing life into a century old dispute that was supposed to have been settled in 1899.

In response, President David Granger has petitioned the United Nations and other countries to show support for Guyana on this issue.



  1. @Burnham no matter how hard we as guyanese try to come together, and be united as one their will always be some stupid dumb person with no real intellect making comments, its people like you that have guyana where it is right now.

  2. This diplomat is an yet another idiot brainwashed by the Chavez-Maduro drug trafficking machine; the only reason he is in Grenada is to make a deal to send cocaine to Europe and America through he Wastern Caribbean to make up all the money they spent on borrowing money over their oil exports. That’s the reason Venezuela wants the Essequibo because of the potential revenue from gold and oil deposits.

  3. Dk you are living a bad life, trying daily to bring down this or any government is a reflection of how you think of your country, you are indian not GUYANESE so it’s expected of you to be siding with a government that is a reflection of your selfish PPP/ c, why not send some food for you brothers and sisters in Veno or better yet go and live there until your ppp government is back in place, heaven knows when that will be, it’s suffering people like you that voted, you just not happy your type is not e leaders of the AP/confused, 5 years don’t worry,,,,but come next election is when you will prove how brain dead you are,,,

  4. Guyana has no documents to prove Essequibo ownership – Venezuelan diplomat
    America made sure Guyana and it’s neighbors does not share their resources is the only reason US installed PNC.

  5. What documents is he referring to? Lease? Will?Transport? Receipt? Insurance policy? Letter of administration? He should have been invited to state what documents they have showing their ownership (not including ones issued by Google) . The relevant document here is the 1899 arbitral award. and I daresay that copies of this are in the possession of the concerned parties. When will we hear a real argument from the Venezuelans? Where do their diplomats get their training? At Maduro’s bottmhouse?

  6. I think the PNC should fabricate some documents to show ownership of Essequibo the same way the did with the thousands of statement of poll (SOP) and succeed in rigging the 2015 Election.


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