Guyana Govt calls for immediate cease-fire in Gaza

President Donald Ramotar (R) and Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Birkett (L)
President Donald Ramotar (R) and Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Birkett (L)

[] – The Government of Guyana says it has followed closely, the tragic events unfolding in Gaza and is of the view that the continued indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas will not resolve the long standing and complex issues at stake between Israel and the State of Palestine.

To this end, the administration has called for “an immediate halt to the destruction being inflicted and the toll that is being taken on innocent lives.” Guyana firmly believes that it is time for all parties concerned to take urgent steps to ensure the security and well-being of their civilian population.  

“The Government of Guyana expresses its grave concern over the continuing attacks which are resulting in injury and the loss of life of a growing number of civilians, including women and children, as well as widespread destruction of infrastructure,” a statement from the Foreign Affairs Ministry noted

It was observed that a military solution to the crisis in Gaza or to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should not be a first resort.

“Peace becomes harder to achieve with each military confrontation, each loss of life, and the creation of further mayhem on the ground,” the government said; adding that “as a member of the UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People and as the first CARICOM country to recognize Palestine as a sovereign state based on its 1967 borders, Guyana supports the Palestinians’ aspiration to the full realization of their inalienable rights.”

The administration believes a negotiated settlement is the best way to give the Palestinian people the state that they need and deserve and the Israeli people the security and peace to which they are entitled.

“The Government of Guyana supports the efforts of the United Nations Secretary Generalto bring about a cessation of the current violence and for the international community to act in a decisive manner to forestall an escalation of the present situation.”

The government implored the Israelis and Palestinians to return to negotiations, to exercise maximum restraint and avoid further civilian casualties and overall destabilization.

The administration also reiterated it call to the international community to intensify efforts to urgently push the peace process forward and for steps to be taken for a two-State solution in accordance with the relevant UN Resolutions.





  1. Palestine has no armed forces! Whatever they r using to fighh back is nothing compared to the israel people! Muslims r being called terrosits by the us! Why? Becuz the people of palenstine r fighttin for what is rightfully theirs? Why arent the jewish state of israel being called terrorist?? History shows tht ppl of palestine helped house the jews n now they want it all for themselves??? Comeone world! Realise this is not an equal fight! The ppl of israel are oppressing the ppl of palestine! They r killin women n children! I am a muslim but arent we all humans? Doesnt it hurt? Let the ppl responsible for this step up to their game and stop it!!! Life is precious! We r in our homes save and sound and belly full! Palestine is homeless n hungry! And in a state of complete insecurity!

  2. You can’t even take care of your own citizens, you’re poking your nose in International affairs. How about getting a “seize fire” request for the corruption in the GPF and your government?

  3. why dont you stop your nonsense of calling for ceasefire in other conflicts and see whats taking place in your own country you toothless poodles. innocent citizens in your small population are being beaten robbed raped sexually molested and killed every day and you cant do a thing about it.


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