Guyana finished 10th in Global Robotics Challenge

The Guyanese delegation administering finishing touches before the first round of the competition

After topping the charts during the first day of the Global Robotics Challenge, Team Guyana fell to the 10th position at the international competition which was staged in Washington DC over the past two days.

The group of young innovators ventured into the final day with much pump following their initial wins but was greeted with a series of mishaps which led to their decline in ranks.

The Guyanese delegation administering finishing touches before the first round of the competition

This was after Guyana joined forces with a group of underdogs in the competition, which hindered their ability to perform to their full potential.

During the penultimate round of the competition, the Guyanese delegation was faced with a number of hurdles, one of which included the malfunctioning of their partner’s robot. Their position plummeted with the stalling of the robot, resulting in the local team attaining a score of 60 points, breaking their winning streak.

Disheartened by their defeat, the group of six teenagers entered into the final round of the competition, during which they managed to score 120 points. This was three points less than the winning team which copped a total of 123.

As such, the Guyanese delegation was demoted to the 10th spot. Nevertheless the team managed to emerge as a top ranker of 160 participating countries.

That brought the curtains down on the two-day Global Robotics Challenge which saw fierce competition from each of the participating group of young enthusiasts from around the world.

This year’s competition was the first time Guyana was represented at the Global Robotics Challenge, earning the country a noteworthy introduction to the international face-off. Despite the obstacles along the way, the local delegation defeated a number of well-established nations, securing their spot among the top rankers.

The team received widespread support from Guyanese, both at home and abroad, many of whom followed the competition and cheer on via social media.







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