Guyana condemns Paris attacks

French security forces are now on the highest state of alert
French security forces are now on the highest state of alert
French security forces are now on the highest state of alert

[] – The Guyana Government has joined with  a slew of other countries around the world in condemning the Paris attacks which have left over 100 persons dead.

The Government in a release stated that the Government and people of Guyana join with the rest of the international community in standing in solidarity with the government and people of France following the heinous acts of terrorism executed in Paris on Friday, November 13, 2015.

“Guyana condemns, in the strongest possible terms, these coordinated despicable acts of pure evil perpetrated on innocent citizens which resulted in the needless loss of life. Guyana sends condolences and prayerful thoughts to our friends in France and all French citizens throughout the world,” the statement noted.

“These acts remind us that there still exists among us evil forces which use the cloak of a peace-loving religion as justification for their murderous agenda. The Government of Guyana recognizes Islam as a religion of peace and that the vast majority of Muslims lead peaceful and law-abiding lives in their ummah. We reject those who use Islam or any other religion as a front to attack the people of any nation.”

According to BBC, three teams of attackers were involved in the assault on Paris, in which 129 people have been killed and more than 350 injured, the Paris prosecutor says.

“We have to find out where they came from… and how they were financed,” Francois Molins told reporters.

He said there were seven attackers, not eight as reported earlier, all heavily armed and wearing explosive belts.

The attacks on Friday night targeted a concert hall, a major sports stadium, restaurants and bars.




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