Guyana closer to achieving herd immunity as over 200,000 COVID-19 vaccinations recorded



Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony says Guyana has reached an important milestone with the vaccination of some 201,347 persons to date against COVID-19. The Minister also revealed that almost 70,000 persons have been fully inoculated against a severe form of the disease.

During his COVID-19 update on Tuesday, Dr. Frank Anthony said he is pleased that persons are turning out for their vaccines, despite the torrential rains.

“As of today, I think we have hit what I would consider a very significant milestone because we now have 201, 347 persons who would have received the first dose of their vaccines. So, that’s a significant milestone 201, 347 persons receiving their first dose. That would account for 41.4 per cent of our adult population. So, as of today we have 69,486 persons who would have received their second doses of the vaccine and that would mean that now 14.3 per cent of our adult population have been fully immunised.”

Minister Anthony is again urging persons to come forward and take their second doses. He affirmed that the second dose is important, as the first dose only gives partial protection against the disease.

“Now we have to make sure that while we continue getting more people their first doses that we want to also make sure that they come back for their second doses.”

The Minister made a special appeal to persons who took the Sinopharm vaccine to return for their second dose. He said the second doses are available and ready to be administered.
Dr. Anthony also noted that flooding across the country has not affected the Ministry’s robust vaccination campaign.

“There are communities where there is generally hesitancy and we are working to change those persons’ minds but in other communities whether it is raining or not, people have been coming out and hopefully that trend would continue.”

The increased number of vaccinations has pushed Guyana closer to achieving herd immunity, which will decrease the possibility of persons being infected with COVID-19. To achieve herd immunity, close to 500,000 individuals must be vaccinated.

Dr. Anthony said the Ministry would be working assiduously in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, to ensure the entire adult population is vaccinated.

“The science is very clear about the benefits of vaccines and we need to encourage people to get their vaccines. I guess in any society there are sceptics and there are people who are naysayers but look at the evidence, you don’t have to look at America or Canada or wherever else. Look right here in Guyana, we haven’t had a single case where persons who have been fully vaccinated have come back to the hospital or ended up in the ICU or die from COVID,” Minister Anthony said.

At the same time, the Minister urges the public to observe all Covid preventative measures, particularly masking in public, social distancing and frequent hand washing and sanitising. [DPI]