Gunmen storm Chinese supermarket at Enmore – escape with cash, other items


Gunmen stormed into a Chinese supermarket last evening carting off with an undisclosed amount of money and cellular phones belonging to persons who were inside of the building when the robbery took place.


robberyReports are that two bandits who were armed with handguns entered into a well-known Chinese Supermarket in Blossom Scheme, Enmore, East Coast Demerara (ECD), around 20:00h on Friday. 


The business was still open for customers when the incident took place.


INews understands that the two perpetrators brandished their firearms demanding cash and valuables and the employees inside of the supermarket, fearing for their safety, quickly complied with the requests.


The gunmen, within minutes, managed to take a number of cellular phones belonging to persons inside of the supermarket along with those of the employees who were on duty at the time.


The men also quickly snatched an undisclosed amount of money from the cashier and then fled the crime scene on foot.


Commander of “C” Division, Marlon Chapman, told INews that although no arrests have been made thus far, investigations are presently on-going into the matter.


INews was also made aware that the business was surrounded by cameras, and it is expected that the footage from last night’s incident will assist police in nabbing the criminals soon.


Meanwhile, earlier yesterday around 15:00h a family from Foulis, ECD, was terrorised by three gunmen, who in the process of trying to execute a robbery on them, shot their driver to his right hand.


The husband and wife, along with their young son had gone to the city to conduct business and had just returned to their ECD home when another car pulled alongside theirs.


INews was told by the distraught woman that gunmen exited the vehicle and pointed the firearm in their direction, demanding they hand over a bag which they assumed contained a large amount of cash. In the process, the family’s driver was shot while one of the bandits snatched a bag from inside of the car.


This was when the wife seized the opportunity of running out of the car with her son into the safety of her residence. Her husband and his driver upon seeing that the woman and child were safe, drove away from the scene as quickly as possible while the gunmen rushed to their vehicle and escaped.


The driver was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), where he is still admitted receiving the necessary medical attention. He is said to be in a stable condition, the wife explained.


“They came in a white car with a license plate number HB 3810 but the police are saying how it is a false number plate they used, it isn’t a registered number…this is the first time something like this happened to me but my brother who had owned a cellphone store got robbed three times in three months. My parents and him migrated shortly after that,” she stated.


Co-incidentally, the young mother told INews that the building where the Chinese Supermarket was robbed last night also belongs to her family. They had rented out the massive building in sections. (Kristen Macklingam)


  1. Guyana needs to be on curfew by the military from dusk to dawn until there is some solution to these crimes that are gripping this country. Why aren’t something drastically not being done….who is in charge of the safety and security of this nation?
    Where is the commander in chief?

  2. We have all noticed the great horrible change that came to Guyana and the hard working Guyanese population since this new (but old wicked) government has taken power.. Crimes and lawlessness have spread like a wild fire uncontrollably. When are they going to really get tough and start wiping out these evil from the land? They are releasing notorious criminals from prisons and letting them loose on innocent lives. Why? This nonsense must come to an end. Every single day someone is losing their life and lives are at stake. Wake up people….get rid of this slack government in a protest and live in peace and safety once more.


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