Gunmen storm Canje businessman’s home…escape with over $1M in items


Five armed men in the wee hours of Friday morning invaded the property of a well-known Canje businessman and carted off over $1M in items. The robbery took place at about 02:30h at Lot 135 New Street, East Canje, Berbice, home of Abdool Rashied Hack.

The businessman's homes which was attacked by five armed men
The businessman’s home which was attacked by five armed men

Reports are the businessman and his wife were asleep in the patio area when they were awakened by unusual sounds. As the sounds continued, the businessman immediately grabbed his wife and ran to a secured area.

Once secured, he reportedly opened a window and raised an alarm, but this did not deter the armed men from getting into the house.

The men, according to reports used a wood to break a door and also discharged a round, shattering a glass window.

After gaining entry, the men went to one of the bedrooms where they searched for cash and jewellery but after coming up empty-handed, they collected a quantity of phone cards valued close to $1 million and other items valued another $200,000.



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