Gunmen rob party spot, customers


By: Ramona Luthi

At approximately 19:30hrs last night, two armed men robbed the Sun Beam Hangout Bar located on New Road, Vreed-En-Hoop, West Coast Demerara and its customers of cash and other valuables.

The Sun Beam Hangout Bar
The Sun Beam Hangout Bar

According to the bar’s manager, Yodeshwar Chetram, the two men came into the bar pretending to be customers and purchased cigarettes.

He said shortly after they received their purchases, the two men whipped out their guns and demanded that every one remain silent and hand over their valuables.

After robbing the customers of their cash and other valuables, two men proceeded to enter the bar and took away a sum of cash and a quantity of alcohol.

Inews understands that a total of $60,000 in cash and one car key was stolen from customers, while $10,000 in cash and $40,000 in alcohol was stolen from the business.

Chetram said that the bandits made good their escape in a white 212 motor car, which was heavily tinted.

Investigations are ongoing into the matter.


  1. I am a born guyenese left guyana a while back in my days in guyana new was just like a taboo what is really going on in this world it so many change has been happening thru out the world .

  2. This is very upsetting, tinted vehicles should be outlawed. Motorcycles owners should be zoned by their registration numbers. The bandits are winning. Its no wonder so many decent , hardworking people are suffering from Hypertension. Hardworking people are living in constant fear of being robbed or killed. This is no way to live.


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