Gunmen rob Alesie – $3M stolen from vault


By Kristen Macklingam

As the crime wave spirals out of control, several gunmen stormed into the Ruimzeight Rice Processors Inc, Alesie Avenue on the West Coast Demerara  late last night where they stole over $3M in cash and valuables after assaulting the security guards on duty.

INews was told that the armed bandits escaped with $3M in cash, six laptops, machinery parts and other valuables from the location.

Reports are that they entered the rice mill from the back entrance and approached the two security guards who were on duty, holding them at gun-point, while tying them up with duct tape.

One of the company’s security guard tried to fight off the gunmen but he was beaten by some of the bandits resulting in him being badly injured.

Meanwhile, the other guard was restrained by another gunman who threatened to shoot him if he resisted being tied up.

alesieChief Executive Officer of the Ruimzeight Rice Processors Inc, Jai Kesswanie, told INews this afternoon that the incident took place sometime between 23:30hrs last night and 12:30hrs this morning.

He stated that the perpetrators used a torch to break into the rice mill’s safe where the cash and other items were stored. In the process of doing so they managed to destroy many important documents and financial paper work as well.

“In the process of cutting open the safe door they damaged a lot of things in addition to taking the monies and valuables. The one security who was badly injured we took him to the West Demerara Hospital at 1:30hrs this morning but it was locked and even the police station here was locked…we then had to call the police after which they came immediately to the scene,” he explained.

According to Kesswanie, this is not the first time a robbery has taken place at his company. However, the losses on previous occasions were minimal in comparison to this latest incident.

“A few times it had happened before, they had taken $1.5M the last time, but now we cannot continue our business…we recently invested a lot of money and paddy but can’t continue because of security issues…rice is already going through tough time…,” Kesswanie lamented.

Meanwhile, according to a police source, investigators believe that this many have been an “inside job” since the rice company had only brought in a lot of cash on its premises and paid out monies to certain individuals yesterday.

So far, no one has been arrested and police ranks are continuing investigations into the matter, with hopes of a break-through soon.


  1. KRIME is on the down low,Crime is on a VERY ALARMING rate,is the police doing any crime prevention? Did the So call gun collection Amnesty do anything? GT nice


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