Gunmen, one dressed as a Police, attempt to rob WBD grocery shop


Two gunmen, one dressed as a Policeman attempted to rob the Samaroo Grocery Shop, located on West Bank Demerara (WBD) on Thursday evening.

According to reports received, the incident occurred at around 19:00hrs at Lot 2 Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara when the owner of the shop, Kawall Pattie Samaroo was about to close up.

INews understands that the woman was about to close her shop door, which faces west to the public road, when the two suspects entered and the male wearing uniform approached her.

The man reportedly asked if there was any robbery at the place earlier, the victim answered in the negative.

The said male then walked further in the shop and started to check around.

He further enquired if there was anything illegal to which Samaroo again denied.

The Police clad gunman then pulled Samaroo from behind while the other gunman who was reportedly wearing a striped shirt pushed her into the shop.

However, Samaroo’s nephew, Deokaran Samaroo, 23, who saw the men, reportedly came out from behind the shop with a cutlass in his hand which caused the gunman in the Police uniform to run out.

He reportedly instructed his accomplice to shoot at the nephew.

This publication was informed that the accomplice then pulled out a pistol from his waist, but Samaroo and her nephew were able to run for cover before they heard a loud explosion behind them.

The robbers then escaped in a silver/grey motorcar, PVV 895.

The Police were called to the scene and the matter was reported.

An investigation is currently in progress.


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