Gunmen invade home of Linden family, escape with over $4M in cash & valuables


Three armed bandits invaded the home of a Linden family, escaping with over four million dollars in cash cash and valuables.

The incident occurred on Saturday last.

The victims are a 55-year-old gold miner; his 26-year-old reputed wife; her sister, an 18-year-old female pharmacist; and their 43-year-old mother. .

The gold miner was robbed of $4M in cash and a Samsung galaxy J2 Curve cellphone valued $55,000.

His reputed wife was robbed of a Samsung S7 cellphone valued $60,000.

Additionally the woman’s sister who resides in the upper part of the house was robbed of a gold and silver cricket band valued $60,000 and a Samsung Galaxy 810 cellphone valued $40,000 while their mother was robbed of four penny weights of raw gold and a Samsung Galaxy cellphone valued $15,000.

According to reports, the gold miner gave his reputed wife $4M for her sister to secure after returning from the interior last month. The woman’s sister reportedly told investigators that she kept the money secured in a black garbage bag in her bedroom.

She disclosed that she was in her bedroom sleeping on Saturday when she was awakened by two armed men who held her at gunpoint, demanding cash and jewelry.

The woman told investigators that the gunmen then started to ransack the house. During this time, the other victims heard the commotion and ventured up to the upper flat of the house where the gunmen then turned their attention to them.

During the ordeal, one of the gunmen reportedly dealt the gold miner’s reputed wife a blow on her left shoulder while demanding cash and jewelery.

Thereafter, the suspects discharged a round  into the roof of the house, which caused the woman, who feared for her life, to go into the bedroom where she handed over the bag containing the cash.

The suspects discharged several  shots while fleeing the scene.

Police are investigating.