Gunmen cart off $1.2M in cash, jewellery from Bartica businesswoman


Two armed and masked men executed a daring daylight robbery on Monday at 7th Street and 4th Avenue Bartica, Region Seven during which they terrorized the lone occupant of the house.

Based on information received, Lisa Simmons had just returned home from a commercial bank when she was confronted by the two gunmen. She was led into the apartment where the men gagged and bounded her.

They first relieved her of the money she withdrew from the bank after which they ransacked the house for gold and more cash. The men, Inews understands further terrorized the woman to show them where the other money and jewellery were kept.

She was however, knocked unconscious during the ordeal as the men made good their escape. Upon regaining consciousness, the woman freed herself and raised an alarm.

The police were summoned to the area and an investigation was launched. A police source related that the men escaped with approximately $1.2Million in cash and gold.

The woman reportedly operates a butcher shop and also has a mining concession in the interior. Seven persons were arrested as police continue their investigations.


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