Gunman shot during attempted robbery at Popeyes


Crime-scene[] – A gunman was reportedly shot on Sunday evening after he and his three accomplices attempted to rob the Popeyes Fast Food restaurant on Vlissengen Road.

iNews understands that one of the bandits came face to face with a policeman who was purchasing dinner at the time. Reports indicate that the policeman was about to leave the fast food outlet when one of the gunmen entered at the same time, brandishing the gun in the air.

The policeman then struggled with the gunman and pinned him to the ground, while several shots were fired, sending customers and staff to seek cover.

The other bandits managed to escape. The injured gunman is in police custody.




  1. That is a brave policeman .He should be publicly commended and his heroic effort should be recognized by the hierarchy of the Guyana Police Force.

  2. This is the kind of action ppl need to take, do not let these criminals get away, congrats to the owner of the choke gas station who did a great job on the other two,,keep it up, do not let the bandits take control,,to the POLICE MAN who did a brave and great job THANK YOU ,,


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