Gunman robs variety store in New Amsterdam – escapes with undisclosed sum of cash

A lone gunman last evening escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash from a New Amsterdam, Berbice variety store but not before opening fire on the businesswoman and her employee. The incident occurred sometime around 19:00hrs.
INews understands that the unmasked man fled on foot with a bag containing the day’s sales of Sankar’s Variety, located in downtown New Amsterdam, after discharging two shots in the direction of the two persons. Luckily, no one was hurt during the incident.
Gunman fled the scene but dropped his haversack and hat
The gunman fled the scene but dropped his haversack and hat when he was pursued

However, one of the owners of the store pursued the gunman, hitting him with a car but he still managed to escape into an ally and eventually disappearing. During the chase, some of the stolen money was left behind and was recovered by the owners.

According to reports, the gunman struck as the proprietors were closing the business. It is understood that Babita Sankar was in the store along with a female employee closing up while her husband, Danny Sankar, had gone to the parking lot to get his car.
The tramatised wife related that she had observed a stranger standing behind a utility pole situated next to the business and enquired from her employee whether she knew him.
“She (employee) told me that he was standing there for a while and said she doesn’t know him. And as soon as she said so, he come and stand up next to me and say give me all the money. And I say what kind of money you want? And I jump on the table. And he pull out the gun and fire one bullet,” the woman recalled.
She noted that at the time she was not aware that the shot fired at her had missed. Realising the danger, the female employee sprung into action and tried to hold the gunman. He then fired a second shot, this time at the employee.
“When the gun fire, I loose he and run,” the young employee told this publication.
After grabbing the money bag which the Sankars were preparing to take into the car, the gunman escaped by running along Strand Street and then into Chappell Street.
At this time, Danny Sankar became aware of what had transpired and pursued the fleeing man with his car. He was able to hit the gunman, causing him to lose his balance. However, the man was able to make it into a nearby alley and disappeared.
Babita said her husband returned with some of the money the thief fled with and another portion was collected by persons who work at the neighbouring store.
Police investigations have begun and the hunt is on for the bandit.


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