Gunman attempts to rob, rape 60 –year-old Rosignol businesswoman


A Rosignol businesswoman is now traumatised after a gunman invaded her home on Thursday last and attempted to rape her.

The 60 year old woman was attacked at around 20:00hrs in her home as she was awaiting the arrival of her daughter.

Inews understands that the woman was in the lower flat of her two storey house when someone came up from behind and proceeded to choke her.

The man reportedly whispered “you know how long I got my eye on you” before taking her into her shop which is located on the said lower flat and demanded cash.

The frightened woman took $150,000 from her shop’s cash drawer and handed it to the gunman.

She was then taken to the upper flat of her home where over half a million dollars’ worth of jewellery was taken.

The suspect then pulled down his pants and underwear and attempted to rape the woman however her daughter returned home and called out to her which prompted the man to hastily pull up his pants.

While he was in the process of doing so, a towel which was tied to his face fell and the woman recognised him as a villager.

The gunman however made good his escape. The matter was reported and the Police are currently searching for the known man.






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