Guatemalan Ambassador to Guyana accredited


President Donald Ramotar meets Guatemalan Ambassador, Giovanni  Polanco. [GINA Photo]
President Donald Ramotar meets Guatemalan Ambassador, Giovanni Polanco. [GINA Photo]
[] – Accepting Letters of Credence from Guatemala’s newly appointed Ambassador, Giovanni Polanco, President Donald Ramotar said that the recent exchange visits between the country’s top foreign ministry officials have added “significant momentum” to the countries’ relations, since they were formalised in 1992.

The President added that with the Memorandum of Understanding on political consultation there is renewed commitment to develop a more active bilateral cooperation programme, “especially in the areas of agriculture, trade and tourism”.

The two countries continue to enjoy excellent relations at the regional and hemispheric levels, President Ramotar further noted.

“With a shared vision on respect for democracy, human rights, climate change, drug trafficking, political and economic security, and the peaceful resolution of controversies… contributed to our close collaboration especially within the framework of the Organisation of America States, Caricom and the Community of Latin American Countries (CELAC)”.

He also commended Guatemala for its leading role in drug fighting within Latin America saying that “too much of our resources are being spent in dealing with this scourge”.

Ambassador Polanco said his appointment indicates his country’s desire to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the two nations.Accredit 1

He intends to build on the visit last year by Guatemala’s foreign minister to Guyana and the continuing meetings between the country’s officials.

He noted that it is not only about bilateral talks, “it is translated on the purpose of having a memorandum of political consultation and the proposal of signing an agreement for the waiver of visas for diplomatic and official passports.” He added that he will also be working to promote cooperation, trade and culture. [Extracted and modified from GINA]


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