Guard at Anna Regina Pump Station attacked


A 53-year-old security guard stationed at the Sea Defence Pump Station at Anna Regina, Region Two (Pomeroon Supenaam) was attacked by a lone man during the wee hours of Wednesday.

Regan Resally was alone on duty when at around 01:00hrs, a man broke the main gate and began shouting “I want blood to drink!”

The attacker began to break the door of the security hut.

During this process, the security guard armed himself with a stick and began to beat his attacker in self defence.

The pump station is located in a remote and bushy area, and at the time of the incident, the place was in total darkness.

Once he managed to apprehend the perpetrator, the security guard took him to the Regional State House, the closest building from the Pump Station.

He was hoping to receive assistance from the police ranks on duty there, however, several calls were made but no one answered.

As such, the security guard took his attacker to the other nearest building, the Regional Administration Compound, but the guards there refused to help.

The security guard eventually took his attack to the Anna Regina Police Station. He was taken into custody. Investigations are ongoing.

The security guard is calling on the authorities to improve security and lighting at the Pump Station.