GTUC calls for Opposition to explore Parliamentary measures to expel AG from office

Anil Nandall (left) and Attorney General, Basil Williams. [iNews' Photo]


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Vice President of the GTUC, Norris Witter (center) along with other members. [iNews' Photo]
Vice President of the GTUC, Norris Witter (center) along with other members. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) is calling on the political Opposition to ensure that Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall resign from office by “exploring and enacting Parliamentary measures”.

Vice President of the Union, Norris Witter told a news conference on Friday, October 31 that the GTUC believes that if the President would not fire the AG, then it is left up to the Opposition to ensure that Nandlall resigns.

“The GTUC believes if the AG does not resign, or the President demands his resignation, then the opposition must take action to restore dignity and pride in this respectable office…the protection of the life and safety of every individual is a responsibility of the state and when the state turns on its people, the people have a responsibility to fight back by holding the operatives accountable, in form and indeed.”

This is in light of a conversation that went viral between the AG and a senior reporter at the Kaieteur News Leonard Gildarie, where the AG allegedly made ‘violent threats’ against the Publisher of the newspaper, Glen Lall and his staff. Lall has since handed over the recording to the police and an investigation is underway.

Attorney General (left) Anil Nandall and Attorney - at - Law, Basil Williams during the court hearing on Tuesday, October 22. [iNews' Photo]
Attorney General (left) Anil Nandall and Attorney – at – Law and Opposition Member, Basil Williams. [iNews’ Photo]
The AG has since admitted to the almost 20 minutes long conversation and Government said it stands in solidarity with Nandlall since the conversation was illegally recorded, refusing to deal with the content of the recording.

In his prepared statement, he condemned the content of the recorded conversation while noting that Government has displayed blatant double standards and “downright wickedness” in dealing with the matter.

“The question before us is not whether the conversation was illegally taped as the government seems pre-occupied with. This is a faked concern and diversionary tactic coming from a government who used similar act, as conducted by Roger Khan on their behalf, to condemn and call on former Commissioner of Police, Winston Felix to resign because of the content of a taped conversation with him.”

As it relates to the issue of press freedom, the GTUC said the Government has been trying for years to “silence the independent press.”



  1. S..oh yikes de past huting u guts eh..u dont want to hear bunom did bunom that bunom de ada then go live and blag on mars…bunom do it no big deal to yall..basil williams do it no big deal to yall..winston felix do it no big deal to yall..nighell hughe did it no big deal to yall.yall is nothing but bullies..once pnc do it its ok but not ok if ppp do it..yall is hypo…

  2. GTUC in its actions no doubt seems to be pro PNC/APNU.
    This is strike one in relation to credibility.
    Though the AG admitted to the conversation, it is just a friendly chat which says ‘be careful and don’t go in harms way’! He was in conversation with a brother. This conversation was illegally taped and inadmissible in a court of Law.
    The AG never threatened anyone. Only devious minds will put devious interpretation, whereas good minds will say the AG is a good Samaritan.
    The PPP/C Government must stand behind the AG, since Mr Lall is using his newspaper as a weapon to torment the AG personally. This is low!
    Mr Lall has a History.
    If these bleeding hearts pro Mr Lall love Guyana, they should chastised Mr Lall. But we know their real motive, and it is the motive to get into power.
    In the past these very people were attacking Minister Rohee, then Mr Sattaur and others. They keep coming with no solutions how to improve the lives John Q Public.
    When we have a Country loving Opposition, Guyana will go forward continuously.

  3. @ bobby stop living in the pass n live in the present, thou se days long gone we r living in a new generation, all I am hearing burnham this n that, so u saying that what burnham did is right for them to do now, how can we have change when we alway looking backward, look at the situation or today n see what can be done to make Guyana beautiful, n a country of love n not hate, I guess u r saying it’s right, because if the PPP should loose the election n another party go in , we’ll when someone do something , they should say the PPP use to do this n that, that will not be fair ok

  4. what did the gtuc say when burnham publicly declared the following :[1] our steel is sharper now [2] prepare your wills [3] all i can promise them is a death less painful than that of judas Iscariot etc?


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