GTT’s service to Bartica community unsatisfactory – Deputy Mayor


Deputy Mayor of Bartica, Kamal Persaud, is demanding Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GTT) erect a local office in Bartica and provide satisfactory service to the community.

In an interview with the media on Sunday, Persuad disclosed that residents in the community have always had problems with GTT’s landline, internet and cellular services.

phone“There is no GTT office located in Bartica to report the many phone issues Barticians are faced with, and yet still when we call to report these issues you have to hold 30 minutes before you can speak with a representative,” the deputy mayor said.

Persaud disclosed that, “residents are often users of the internet service at their homes but it is hardly ever working. All of these issues have been reported but no official from the GTT service has ever come to aid our situation.”

Persaud lamented that when the residential lines are out of service or there is an issue, persons have to wait several months to have it rectified.

Regional Chairman Gordon Bradford in earlier reports had attested to the residents plight of phone service and made similar calls for better service to be provided.





  1. Gtt provides some inferior landline phones to their customers without a callers ID display in this modern age.


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