GTT urges customers to use “correct speed test”


The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) is advising customers to use the correct speed test hyperlink of for accurate readings when testing for internet connection bandwidth.

According to GTT’s Public Relations Manager, Jasmin Harris, the company has received reports from customers who got inaccurate readings after using the incorrect speed test.

Harris explained that it was best to use the established GTT speed test servers since the company couldn’t verify tests conducted outside of its network.

“We want customers to get the correct reading when conducting a speed test. There were instances when customers used the incorrect speed test and got an incorrect reading. This can create understandable but unnecessary panic among our valued customers,” Harris said.

Harris added, “We want our customers to know what they are paying for is what they are getting, so we encourage them to use the correct link for an accurate reading.”

Should any clarification be needed concerning conducting a verifiable speed test, customers can chat with GTT via live chat or call 0488 for guidance.