GTT, Pulse unveil “Amazon Gems” for Mash Day revel


Come February 23, Guyanese are poised to enjoy a ‘cloud nine’ experience with GTT and Pulse Entertainment since the duo have promised to deliver an electrifying atmosphere on Mashramani Day.
The enticing revelation was made on Saturday evening at the Giftland Mall parking lot as the two entities unveiled their Mash Band themed “Amazon Gems”.
With confetti and smoke filling the air, the sizeable audience was wowed by the colourful costumes, which were designed by the renowned Olympia Small-Sonaram.
The glamorous outfits, which highlight precious stones in the Amazon comprises three categories: Emerald Bliss, Tanzanite Flame and Lapis lazuli.

Designer Olympia Small-Sonaram, GTT’s Samantha Gooden and Pulse Entertainment CEO Robbie Singh strike a pose with gorgeous models
Models display the Tanzanite Flame costumes (Carl Croker photos)

After the models left the stage, reigning International Chutney Soca Monarch Ravi B and Trinidadian Soca artiste 5 Star Akil then serenaded fans with their popular hits, which gave a hint at the excitement to come on Mash Day.

Two models and the Lapis lazuli costumes

GTT’s Marketing and Communications Consultant, Samantha Gooden explained to this news outfit that in their effort to “do more” for Guyana, they want to showcase the hidden treasures of the region and highlight our culture”.
“It is all about bringing the best of our culture and where better to go than into the Amazon. We are bringing the absolute best of all Guyana to the stage for Mash 2018, she emphatically stated.
Likewise, Pulse Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Robbie Singh, who was ecstatic about the partnership, promised to deliver an unforgettable fete for all those who wanted to join the band.
“We will provide you with everything. We have never done something of this magnitude before and we will amaze you with the biggest band. It will be phenomenal….let’s not forget the drinks; there will be a lot of that,” Singh confidently expressed.


Designer Small-Sonaram, noting that this was her best product thus far since it brought forth the beauty of Guyana, further explained that the costumes were geared towards ensuring all of Guyana could indulge in the frolic and still be comfortable.

Beautiful ladies! Some of the models showcase the flamboyant costumes

“There are a variety and my idea is to let everyone feel comfortable. They cater for every size, every shape and every ethnicity. So, I have several designs to allow every person who would want to express themselves to be involved,” she assured.

The Emerald Bliss models enjoying the frolic

Gooden also reiterated the aspect of comfort. “What you saw is just a glimpse of everything…we want to make sure there is enough for everyone and there will be something called Monday wear so if you don’t feel like having the costumes or too much being revealed, they will have extended sections. We want our customers to feel comfortable.”

Ravi B certainly entertained the fans who attended the display

The entities are hoping to attract a minimum of 400 persons to the Band, and this Friday, they will have a re-launch at GTT’s 55 Brickdam location. Additionally, they are expected to give information on the website persons can access to enquire about payment plans, order costumes and have chances to win prizes. Costumes will also be sold to foreigners. (Akeem Greene)


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