GTT promises “more speed for less” with introduction “GTT Fibre”


The Guyana Telephone Telegraph (GTT) company today introduced GTT Fibre, which it says is the latest in cutting-edge broadband technology, providing more bandwidth over a greater distance and faster internet service overall.

The major rebrand and service upgrade from GTT, replaces the former Blaze service, and will mean that for the second year running, GTT customers will benefit from major speed enhancements, at no increased costs.

The announcement was made at a press event hosted by GTT at the Pegasus Hotel today.

GTT’s Chief Operations Officer for Home Solutions & Fixed Services, Eshwar Thakurdin made the initial announcement, highlighting that GTT was the first telecommunications company to bring the fibre technology to Guyana in the form of Blaze. He also outlined the list of benefits that commercial and business customers would receive via GTT Fibre.

“There can be no denying the increasingly important role that fast and reliable Internet service plays in the lives of our people. From education, to gaming and entertainment, working from home, conducting business, or just keeping up with friends and loved ones the world over, the need for internet and broadband power and speed is undeniably vital,” Thakurdin said.

He went on to mention that another major improvement is that, with GTT Fibre, the company will be bringing back the backup battery by popular demand.

GTT Chief Executive Officer, Damian Blackburn, explained how this new product introduction and relaunch fits into the 18 months to complement the company’s vision – to pivot the company to become a 21st century customer-centric organisation aimed at improving the life experiences to every home and business by 2025.

He highlighted that this is a significant milestone for GTT and Guyana at large. This innovative measure reinforces GTT’s commitment through its recently announced ‘Together We Rise’ promises. Blackburn went on to highlight these promises:-

“1. Strengthen Our Community – Our communities are the driving force for change and improvement in the world. We are proud to play our part in continuing to strengthening and empowering communities through our CSR initiatives, and now those initiatives and communities that directly benefit from GTT Fibre.

2. Reliably Connect Our Customers – This is the main reason we do what we do every day to deliver the service we provide. GTT Fibre now offers enhanced connections to our customers.

3. Innovate for all in our Country – Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We were the first to bring the innovative technology of fibre to the Guyana market. We have made speed improvements to our already existing service and will continue to make improvements as we continue to pivot GTT to be a 21st century customer centric organisation.”

While existing subscribers will be upgraded remotely by GTT, new customers for both business and residential services can register with the Company to benefit from the new plans and increased speed and reliability of GTT Fibre.

All current Blaze customers have already been upgraded to GTT Fibre for free. The new plans of Fibre50, Fibre100, and Fibre150 provides more than double the speed of the previous Blaze plans at the same or reduced cost. Those on the Ignite, Flaming and Inferno Blaze plans have been moved to the Fibre50, Fibre100 and Fibre150 plans priced at $8,999, $10,999, and $12,999 respectively.

As GTT Fibre takes off, new residential areas will also be announced in the coming weeks. New and existing customers to make the switch as soon as GTT Fibre is announced for their area.

Included in this fibre upgrade will be a voice line providing crystal clear call quality; optional Wi-Fi; High-speed fibre internet with a free modem; VIP Tech Support and troubleshooting; Video streams and video conferencing; and Static IPs to support networks, servers, and cameras.

Business Solutions customers on BizFibre have also benefited from new plans which offer increased speeds at no additional cost. The previous plans of Biz25, Biz50 and Biz300 have been upgraded to Biz50, Biz100, and Biz500, which means a speed increase of up to 200% for the small and medium business customers on BizFibre.

GTT said its DSL customers are not forgotten with this new improvement. “Most DSL customers will receive a free speed upgrade to their area. Where these upgrades to the basic DSL service may not technically be possible, their monthly cost for this service will be reduced,” the company said.