Grove NDC robbed


 The Grove/Diamond Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) was last evening robbed of an undisclosed amount of cash which was stored in the building after working hours.

 INews understands that the monies which were tax collections had been collected by staff of the NDC for a certain period of time. As per norm, it were left in the building when workers went home at the end of the day.

 It should be noted that while the amount of cash that was stolen is still to be made known, all NDCs have a policy which states that when monies total a specific amount they should not be kept at the NDC.

 According to a source, the perpetrator(s) are assumed to have gained entry into the NDC through its back door which was discovered to be broken.

 However, police investigators have not ruled out this being an inside job.

 “The police said they are looking at it from all angles. Even though the back door is now broken it could be a distraction to make people think it was some regular bandit or break in. Still it could be an inside job and with Local Government Elections (LGE) tomorrow this can be a sign too,” he said.

 Meanwhile, investigations are on-going.


  1. We got to get we timbee pun we foot we donkey tail pun we ade and we gon guiness floating cash,is wa rang wid yal

  2. This was planned by an inside source or take home by one or more workers then later in the night them of themselves return to put evidence in place for it to look like a robbery the police should get warrant to go check on all the worker home but sme of them will carry the money at their friends or relative to keep in case of police probing their home for evidence

  3. Maybe the cash was not even there in the first place…….a lot of skullduggery will be exposed after this LGE elections and ”new brooms” are in place.


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