Grove in darkness after utility pole erupts in flames


Scores of households in the Grove Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara is without power after a utility pole erupted in flames around 15:00hrs this afternoon.

A Guyana Power and Light Inc. crew is currently at the site working assiduously to replace the utility pole and to restore electricity in the area.

The incident occurred at a pole in the  Second Bridge area

Residents recall hearing a loud explosion and upon investigation, saw the pole on fire.

The entire wooden post was destroyed, leaving the electrical wires exposed.

The pole was situated in close proximity to a house which was threatened by the fire.

Prompt response from the Fire Service in Diamond resulted in the fire being doused.

The GPL crew also responded in a timely fashion and immediately began works to replace the pole.

Power is expected to be restored by 20:30hrs.

Residents say the utility pole was prone to giving off electrical sparks over the years and GPL was called in on numerous occasions to address the situation.I

Infact, they are calling for a complete assessment and replacement of all the old utility poles in the area.


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