Group protests AG office for revision of marijuana laws


By Jomo Paul

L-R Ras Simeon and Mark Benschop
L-R Ras Simeon and Mark Benschop

[] – A Group of persons on Thursday December 03 protested the office of Attorney General Basil Williams calling for the Government to immediately review the laws concerning marijuana.

While the group is not calling for immediate legalization of marijuana, it wants the government and judiciary to look at the punitive measures stipulated in the laws concerning marijuana.

The protest was sparked by the sentencing of local football legend, Vibert Butts for marijuana possession.

Butts was sentenced to three years in jail after he pleaded guilty to the possession of 46 grams of marijuana with the intent to traffic.

Head of the Rastafarian Council Ras Simeon told reporters that he wants the judiciary to take it easy on persons found with marijuana.

He suggests that instead of jail time, persons be sentenced to do community service or pay a fine.

IMG_00000408Simeon said that effectively the system has stymied the fundamental rights since it tramples on their religious freedom.

“Our rights being violate(d), it is a violation….we can’t get to practice our culture. The culture of rastafari is to use the holy herb as a sacrament,” said Simeon.

Political Activist Mark Benschop was also present on the protest lines and is urging that the APNU+AFC keep its campaign promise of revisiting marijuana laws – and do so now.

“The President has promised to revisit this sentencing with regards to Marijuana during the course of the campaign…what these people are saying is look Mr President please look into this situation right now. Have the law amended to protect these persons rights,” said Benschop.

Benschop stated that the government could impose a limit that would allow persons to have up to a specified amount of marijuana legally.

“They are not saying that if someone is caught with a bag full or a trunk full they get off easy. You get catch with couple grams and these sorta things,” he stated.

Another protest is planned for Friday December 4 at the High Court when the appeal case for Butts is heard for the first time.




  1. Group protests AG office for revision of marijuana laws
    Those that are picketing are rotten ganda eggs:
    Where were they when others went to jail for same offense?
    Why now ? Is it because Butts is someone good buddy pal with connections?
    Freddie Kissmansoon only doing this to get some political miles for himself so that people can see he human rights activist but in fat he is nothing but a hoax.Men like Freddie Kissmansoon only take up certain issues which will fit into his scheme of things::Freddie Kissmansoon and all other should be on the picket line many many years ago if they are true to themselves. Why only now?

  2. It Is disgrace that they Jail a man for a f’ew grams of weed when it cost them thousands to keep him there I guess they do not have any thing to do with that money they are spending on him . What a disgrece I do hope they get their act together .

  3. Can the rasta say what is there real culture is smoking drugs is culture come on be real put smoke inside your belly what good is that soon people will be flying because is only smoke and smoke the low carbon will be high carbon in guyana

  4. Drugs and crime take its root from unemployment and illiteracy. As long as the government doesn’t educate the children and give employment to the adults and country will face problems due to drugs, alcohol and crime.
    The morale of the society has to be kept high and human life has values. We need compulsory education and safer society than legalizing marihuana.

  5. Group protests AG office for revision of marijuana laws
    Make the thing legal once and for all.
    It dont hurt society one bit by smoking a joint.
    Its hurting politicians who cant get taxes out of it to fill their pockets..


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