Greenidge explains delay in announcing new heads of missions

Guyana's Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge

Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge said the delay in announcing the new Heads of Mission, including the Consuls General, is as a result of the varying processes that must be obtained.

He explained that the first step in the process is to identify eligible candidates and get clearance for such appointments locally and simultaneously notifying the host country of eligible candidates, so as to initiate a further series of processes which the host country must take.

“While Guyana itself may not have as thorough a process as a country like the United States with many interests, many threats, many dangers facing it, we recognise that there is a protocol and a right on the part of those countries to examine the names that they receive carefully,” Minister Greenidge was quoted as saying by GINA.

Guyana's Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge
Guyana’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge

The process of scrutiny undertaken by host countries can take up to three months just to vet, hence the delay in making such changes.

According to him, the heads of missions have community obligations to attend; they also participate in a number of events involving Guyana and interfacing with opinion-forming elements within the community such as universities, research institutes, as well as Guyanese and other varying Caribbean associations.

“In New York also there is an ambassador who is the permanent representative to the United Nations…this is a specialised area as multilateral diplomacy is different from bilateral diplomacy…it requires special skills,” Minister Greenidge said.

The Ambassador, who is based in Washington and deals with relations between Guyana and the United States, also has an obligation for the Organisation of American States, which is a forum that calls for highly skilled diplomats versed in other languages.

“You’re looking for persons with the capacity as they are required to multi-task, dealing with a range of countries, languages, cultural and protocol practices,” GINA reported the minister to have said.

Upon assuming office, the coalition government stressed the need to have highly trained diplomats to represent Guyana at varying diplomatic postings, as having such directly affects Guyana’s image internationally.




  1. We are not listening to anyone William, we know the facts, we lived it, we are living it. Positive Elesibeth Harper is not on that list. No wonder the foreign countries are taking so long to agree……

  2. Did everyone listen to this Mis-Fit. Let’s recall, soon after they came into Government, they recall most foreign missions for the sake of change. Now he is saying it will take months and it’s a very long process to admit new ambassadors. The question is, how bright one has to be to figure that? Why not keep the previous ones until they can be replaced? This way the country’s affairs keep moving.This man needs to re-invent himself, learn from your mistakes Carl.

  3. This man Greenidge will always be a fool –he was useless during the Burnham time and now he is worst–He is what we call an educated “jackass” the man has no commonsense..

  4. Greenidge explains delay in announcing new heads of missions
    I know the post I placed before will not be posted so let me put it this way
    This club is exclusively for one ethnic group only—

  5. yaall got strong oral tradition, man. you got to be carful though, and not listen too much to jagdeo and the rest; they gon mislead you.

  6. This man run this country down. Can you remember his ‘performance’ in the late 1980s to oct. 1992. And yet still he get a big job, doing the same thing he did back then. Its like putting cat to watchman milk


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