Green has no plans to resign as Mayor; says he will not surrender to Gov’t

Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green

By Fareeza Haniff

Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green
Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green

[] – Despite admitting that he has been “suffocated” by the government in executing his duties as Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green says he will not “surrender”.

During his appearance on the radio programme ‘Hard Talk’ aired on 90. 1 Love FM on Sunday, February 01, the Mayor said that the issue of him resigning was raised by his family on “umpteen occasions” but he does not believe that the government will provide a “better service” to Georgetown residents if he is to step aside.

“It is my personality… I don’t know what surrender means; I carry a green flag and a red flag, I don’t carry a white flag of surrender,” the Mayor said.

In explaining how the Mayor and City Council is suffocated by government, Green pointed out several initiatives the Council undertook, geared towards broadening its revenue base but were subsequently shut down by government.

According to him, these programmes would have generated funds to improve and enhance municipal markets, day care centres, parking facilities, drainage, and other services, including garbage collection.

Green has been the Mayor for approximately 20 years.



  1. Hammie understands the Guyana power game better than every other. In his early days as a politician he was the architect of bringing the PNC to power and maintaining its rule until the death of Forbes. If he had university credentials Forbes would have appointed him his successor. After Forbes death Hoyte tried try to diss Hammie but Hammie even out of the PNC prevailed. He brokered a deal with the PPP and took the mayorship of Georgetown. Hammie’s legacy is not pretty but he rode the corridors of power better than any other and remained relevant in the equation until this day. He owns the GT ghettos and can bring out his dogs on any given day. The PNC need to bring back Hammie in its leadership. His unorthodox ways may be the linch pin to power in light of failed merger talks. Politics is always practical and never a game for the purist.


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